Envint’s edge on sustainability services, in-house ESG framework & a materiality focused approach helps deliver custom ESG solutions. Unbiased with a strict rigor in our data quality validation, we offer dependable research & reporting. We endeavour to dovetail automation & technology with the human element in analysis, resulting in effective support to clients.

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Data Validation & Enrichment

We help you deal with the challenges around the exponential growth in ESG data through our robust process driven data support services.


We undertake data collection through reliable sources & feeds, followed by intense scrubbing & corroborating for strong validation.


The data is further enriched through structured analysis & benchmarking, with insights depicted via perceptive visualization & dashboards.

ESG integration

We provide data & advisory support on the investment process and portfolio alignment to custom sustainability frameworks (SDG, PRI, GRI, SASB, TCFD, etc.).


Our understanding of ESG principles enable us to align different ratings & scorecards and conduct ESG due diligences for your target/portfolio companies.


We further help in sustainable investing through our screening services (positive/negative/norms based) & regular monitoring for news, controversies & regulatory violations.

ESG Reporting

We help corporates improve measurement of ESG parameters, reporting & communication of insights and enhance the overall perception of stakeholders.


Our ‘investor perspective’ is demonstrated in the approach to executing the entire ESG reporting lifecycle. From the initial steps of drafting ESG roadmaps and designing materiality surveys to the sustainability narrative, we focus on stakeholder engagement and effective visual communication.


We provide other services like ESG data management, mapping & benchmarking, specific valuation of ESG actions and supply chain ESG integration.

EnvSaGe: Envint’s ESG Framework

EnvSaGe is our in-house ESG Framework and designed to reflect a company’s performance across Environment (E), Social (S) and Governance (G) parameters. It follows a robust methodology benchmarked against global ESG reporting guidelines & practices.

In addition to its core function of ESG assessment, EnvSaGe offers flexibility to be aligned with key frameworks and standards like SDG, GC, GRI, SASB and any tailor-made templates that evaluate a business against ESG principles.

EnvSaGe uses an exhaustive approach and currently captures over 400+ ESG KPIs across 20+ well defined categories. It can factor in geographic & sector nuances and assign custom weights depending on materiality & any other preferences, making it a very handy tool for ESG appraisal.

Resource EfficiencyWorkforce/Labour relationsWorkforce/Labour relationsBoard Structure/Composition
Emission ReductionHealth & SafetyExecutive/ Board Compensation
Environmental InnovationTraining & Career DevelopmentBoard Function
Diversity & Equal OpportunityShareholders rights
Human RightsSustainable Strategy/Transperancy
Community RelationsBusiness Ethics
Product Responsibility
Industry Screening/Business Involvement

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Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Young businessman working on a virtual screen of the future and sees the inscription: Governance

Data validation and Enrichment:

Data collection, scrubbing and validation for benchmarking governance parameters amongst global companies, for an innovative data-driven ESG and asset management company.

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