Kruteeka Nalatwadkar

Kruteeka grew up as someone who always found the natural environment around her really comforting. Andsince then,her dreams and ambitions aligned with the keen interest in environment conservation. At 17,she realised that having a camera full of bird pictures wouldn’t naturally make hera wildlife photographer😊

Being a deep ecologist at heart, she chose to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences. Over the years,she realised the multidisciplinary nature of this subject and educated herself about the things that impact us as a society. Kruteekarealizesthat sustainability is vital for everything on this planet and wants to contribute towards it, one way or another.

Most of Kruteeka’s ‘fun activities’ are also nature based. She likes bird watching, photography and visiting all the natural hotspots around her city. When at home, she is either binging on Netflix or reading comics online.

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