Sinjini De Sarkar

Sinjini has been enthusiastic about ethical consumerism from high school and is a big proponent of recycling and reusing what would otherwise end up in landfills. During her Bachelors in Finance degree, she realised that her passion for sustainability and her study domain could be clubbed to pursue a career that could affect real change.

She has been an active volunteer in various organisations working for children’s education, waste management and pollution control. She aims to use her work to solve problems at the intersection of people and climate, while driving environmental consciousness. In a rapidly evolving world, she’s always seeking inspiration from people and their stories. At Envint, she is keen to explore the various approaches that can be used to touch lives for the better.

Sinjini is a lover of art and aesthetics in her fashion as well as Pinterest boards. She is an avid reader of fiction and loves to curate movies and music. She is currently learning French to be able to enjoy an additional treasure trove of each!