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Our research orientation is combined with rigorous methodologies, fit-for-purpose tools and sector knowledge to provide unbiased and agile decision support. We endeavour to dovetail technology with the human element in analysis, resulting in effective support to Clients.

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Sharing actionable insights backed by solid research and quality data, for better decision making and improved business performance – in the domains of water, waste, emissions and electric mobility.

Engaging in thematic research as a means to sustainability and ESG stewardship, across specific issues like Water, Circular Economy, BHR and Modern Slavery, Sustainable Agriculture, Climate Change and Corporate Governance .

Build engaging content to create your ‘knowledge advantage’ in sustainability & nudge desired action from your readers. Support in content strategy & planning for views, editorials, research reports & white papers through our product ‘ENgine’.

Helping you deal with the challenges around the exponential growth in ESG data through our robust process-driven data support services. Provide data collection through reliable sources & feeds, followed by intense scrubbing & corroborating for strong validation.

Enrich the data further through structured analysis & benchmarking, with insights depicted via perceptive visualization & dashboards .

Offering custom research solutions built around your needs covering themes such as investment screening, controversy search, indices, sustainable finance regulations like EU Taxonomy and TCFD, etc.

Create, adapt and continuously improve proprietary Envint tools (EnvSaGeTM and ESQ) for corporate sustainability / ESG performance management. These are aligned with multiple global frameworks, yet flexible enough for rapid or detailed assessments in organizations across different scales and sectors.

Develop custom tools and analysis frameworks for corporates and investors for sector-specific needs, such as wastewater operations, climate transition, electric mobility adoption, etc..

Collaboration with Envint partners to deploy fit-for-purpose tools such as software products, dashboards, scorecards to help solve specific sustainability challenges , EnvSaGe and ESQ .

Case study

Business Intelligence and Sector Research

Buildout of India water and wastewater business intelligence platform; market, sector research and project updates for a leading global water sector publishing company.

Utility process diagnostics tool

Conceptualization and design of the backend architecture for a machine-learning enabled utility plant process diagnosis and troubleshooting software tool.