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From the air we breathe and the water we drink to the future we want, the desire for better touches us all. Better is inspiring and limitless, constrained only by the laws of nature. We at Envint come together in many ways to action for better, primarily for the business enterprise. Being sustainable is no longer optional – the future belongs to businesses that go for better.

We help you

Corporate Sustainability

Incorporate sustainability in your core strategy & operations

Responsible Investment

Build on ESG principles to channelize funds into responsible businesses

Research & Analytics

Gain insights on sustainability parameters to make decisions

As your partner


Presence only in the sustainability domain with a knowledge driven philosophy


With strong relationships across stakeholders and with a global pool of domain experts


To see our ideas through to implementation, driven by robust process and methodologies

In making decisions

Infosys And ESG – A Journey That Started With G

On my first site visit to Infosys Mysore campus back in 2011 for a sales call, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t realize that I was right next to a sewage treatment plant (STP).

Move Towards Standardization Of Sustainability Reporting

Forrest Gump made a fortune with his investment in Apple, thinking that it was ‘some kind of fruit company’.

Let The Birds Keep Singing

There are numerous newspapers reports nowadays on how the Ganga is cleaner, on how air pollution is at two-decade lows and how many of us are waking up to hear more birds chirping.

And Go For Better

And go for better


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