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Who we are

A deep conviction to create an impact in the environment sector, steadfast encouragement from family & friends and a few coffee shop meetings was all it took Anand and Manish to start Envint. They derive their inspiration from India’s innate wisdom on sustainable living, that is in harmony with nature and its creations.


Envint was founded with a purpose to shape a more liveable planet for the coming generations. Our mission is to drive sustainability into mainstream thought and action, with the belief that ‘green makes sense beyond conscience’.

Envint is a portmanteau of ‘environment’ and ‘intelligence’ and an anagram of ‘invent’, reflecting a new approach to business. Initially conceived to provide intelligence for the environment sector, Envint has broadened its ambit to include the wider sustainability domain. We believe that by embedding environmental, social and governance principles in their core strategies, businesses can not only do good for the world, but also earn better financial returns.

The way we work

Our Team

We are a group of engineers, economists, accountants & management graduates who come from diverse backgrounds.

We strongly believe that it makes sense to be sustainable & responsible. All of us are on a shared journey to make businesses bring about change for the better.

Get to know our team!

Anand Krishnamurthy

Anand co-founded Envint post a holiday in the Andamans where he realized that scuba diving wasn’t an alternative career.

An engineer from IIT Guwahati and management graduate from IIM Bangalore, Anand has worked in Feedback Infra, GE Water and Sterlite Power across infrastructure consulting, B2B sales and marketing leadership roles.

Positive and focussed, Anand enjoys working on challenging business problems as well as cryptic crosswords. He developed a deep interest for the environment and cleantech business while at GE Water.

Anand is a keen non-fiction reader, a regular swimmer and an amateur humourist who sometimes tries too hard.

Anand Krishnamurthy

Anand co-founded Envint post a…

Manish Jain

Manish co-founded Envint with an aspiration to create an organization that will play an instrumental role in influencing responsible business decisions.

Manish is a Chartered Accountant and an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur, a premier business school of Asia. He has worked with Citibank, Bajaj Finance & Feedback Infra in investment, advisory and business development roles. Wearing a different hat from poring over excel models and term sheets, he recently played a major part in the turnaround and scale-up of a brand engagement firm.

An incorrigible optimist and perpetually curious, he is driven at work by the continuous learning and problem solving, in enabling sustainability action for enterprises.

Manish is a nature lover & movie buff who loves to travel, trek & watch good cinema at every opportunity. On weekends, he can be found on the tennis court trying to improve his shots or discussing political current affairs with friends.

Manish Jain

Manish co-founded Envint with an…

Lucille Andrade

Lucille joined Anand and Manish in their journey at Envint, to accelerate towards the shared goal of influencing responsible investment decisions. As the leader of the RI vertical, she helps investors and businesses adopt and integrate ESG.

An architect and environmental planner from CEPT, a significant part of her 15+ years of experience has been with one of India’s leading environment and social management consulting firms in a highly impactful senior management role. After leading its ESG vertical and having experienced immense joy in this growth journey, Lucille decided to hit the ‘Restart’ button at this inflection point of ESG adoption across the world.

Having advised multiple investors & funds, corporates and FI’s in their ESG journey, Lucille has gained an in-depth understanding of Indian and international E&S frameworks. A deep passion around the domain, pragmatic appreciation of on-ground operational challenges and strong understanding of impact assessments helps her be a trusted advisor for clients.

Fulfilling her childhood wish, Lucille started training in Hindustani Classical vocals a few years back and spends her spare time trying to get the Sur and Taal right.

Lucille Andrade

Lucille joined Anand and Manish…

Aishwarya Kulkarni

Aishwarya is a passionate environmentalist keen on solving environmental issues the human race is grappling with. She wants to create a positive impact on the environment through her work. A Masters in Sustainable Development and an Environmental Engineer, Aishwarya is excited about working in the corporate sustainability and environmental research space. Having worked in Green Building and air quality management sectors, she has an understanding of potential impacts and practical mitigation measures.

At Envint she is involved in E&S assessments, ESG integration, research on water and wastewater including data analysis and editorials. She is thrilled about taking on new challenges like building new projects from scratch!

Aishwarya is a badminton player and likes trekking. She enjoys spending her free time reading books and trying her hand at new recipes in the kitchen.

Aishwarya Kulkarni

Aishwarya is a passionate environmentalist…

Aswath Ganesh

Aswath is a curious mechanical engineer who is on an adept quest to raise questions about our present to arrive at solutions to solve prevalent global problems.

He comes with experience in solving the plastic malaise in India by working with brands for traceable and circular waste management solutions. He loves to research renewable energy and has prior experience in solarifying rooftops as a photovoltaic designer. Aswath strongly believes in climate justice and being positively actionable each day. Being true to his aspirations he presently finds himself involved in ESG research and integration projects at Envint that can have a scalable positive impact on our environment.

On his off days you can see him write analytical snippets about sport and spend his nights doing plane spotting and star gazing.

Aswath Ganesh

Aswath is a curious mechanical…

Kurian Varghese

Kurian has spent almost 15 years in consulting & sales, primarily in the BFSI and insurance domain. He now wants to play a critical role in protecting and maintaining environmental resources for future generations, which naturally aligns him to everything Envint stands for.

He holds an MBA degree from XLRI Jamshedpur and is an electrical engineering from India. He has worked with clients in Europe & USA such as ACE Insurance Group (Chubb), Allianz, Travelers Insurance, HBOS – I&I, and Hanover Insurance Group.

Kurian wants to use his experience in executing IT strategy consulting engagements across process transformation, product development & regulatory compliance, in building Envint’s client base in the UK & European markets.

Kurian is based in London and enjoys spending time with his three-year old son and playing badminton.

Kurian Varghese

Kurian has spent almost 15…

Pooja Yakanalli

Pooja graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering and is usually the curious geek of the bunch. She strongly believes that conservation of environment & economic growth are not mutually exclusive & on contrary Environmental Consciousness is crucial for unhindered economic growth. Having felt the same philosophy being highlighted by Sustainable Finance she was intrigued to work in Sustainability & ESG Sector. She aims to make the cohesion of these both worlds viable.

After joining Envint Pooja has contributed to ESG Due Diligence & Materiality Assessment and is always keen on taking up more mind stimulating projects.

She is a budding baker and culinary enthusiast who loves to experiment with global cuisines and give them a local twist. She is also someone who can’t resist a mystery novel and never the one to leave a good book midway

Pooja Yakanalli

Pooja graduated with a bachelor’s…

Pranav Vyas

Involvement in multiple volunteering initiatives around behavior change and environmental sustainability over the years, has led Pranav to resonate deeply with nature and pursue a career in sustainability. He is proud of the active role in promoting sustainability in Simhastha 2016 at Ujjain, which was at the time one of the largest human gatherings on earth.

Pranav is a Chemical Engineering graduate with a Master’s in Environmental Management. He is glad to be associated with Envint at the very beginning of his career and aspires to create an impact at the intersection of business, society and the environment. Currently, he is helping the team in research and delivery of interdisciplinary assignments and projects.

Pranav is passionate about thoughtful resource consumption and along with his family, incorporates sustainability in his everyday life. Outside of work, he is an avid Quoran answering questions from strangers and enjoys finding new algorithms to solve the Rubik’s Cube.

Pranav Vyas

Involvement in multiple volunteering initiatives…

Radhika Dwivedi

Radhika is a Law graduate with a Masters in Environment and Natural Resources Law from TERI SAS.

While practicing law she has always wondered if there was any way to prevent the adverse impact on the environment rather than providing a cure. With strong geo-political knowledge on climate change impact on developing and under-developed nations, she believes that her line of work at Envint helps in maintaining a balance by keeping a check on environmental regulations. She wishes to pursue her PhD in law so that she can contribute in policy aspects of the Indian legal system.

When she is not working you can find her weaving her thoughts in prose and verses. She is also a big fan of Harry Potter and wishes to have a wand so that she can undo climate change.

Radhika Dwivedi

Radhika is a Law graduate…

Sinjini De Sarkar

Sinjini has been enthusiastic about ethical consumerism from high school and is a big proponent of recycling and reusing what would otherwise end up in landfills. During her Bachelors in Finance degree, she realised that her passion for sustainability and her study domain could be clubbed to pursue a career that could affect real change.

She has been an active volunteer in various organisations working for children’s education, waste management and pollution control. She aims to use her work to solve problems at the intersection of people and climate, while driving environmental consciousness. In a rapidly evolving world, she’s always seeking inspiration from people and their stories. At Envint, she is keen to explore the various approaches that can be used to touch lives for the better.

Sinjini is a lover of art and aesthetics in her fashion as well as Pinterest boards. She is an avid reader of fiction and loves to curate movies and music. She is currently learning French to be able to enjoy an additional treasure trove of each!

Sinjini De Sarkar

Sinjini has been enthusiastic about…

Srishti Bagadia

Having worked in the CSR and ESG domain, Srishti believes that economy and environment are closely intertwined, and that achieving the right balance is required to make a difference.

A post graduate in economics from TERI, she developed an interest in sustainability while working on her master’s thesis. Srishti hopes to pursue a career engaging with people from all walks of life, developing a deeper understanding of the sustainability space and bringing about a real change through her research skills. Currently, at Envint she’s involved in ESG integration and E&S due diligence. She enjoys interacting and engaging with the clients and assisting them in beginning their ESG journey.

She loves to spend her spare time by teaching French to kids, going on road trips and binge-watching shows.

Srishti Bagadia

Having worked in the CSR…

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