Climate Action

Futureproofing with low-carbon transitions

Climate change presents risks and opportunities that need to be integrated with corporate strategies and with development plans of governments. We work with corporates, investors and governments on assessments, scenario development, decarbonization and carbon markets to help them prepare for a low-carbon future.

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Our Offerings

Climate Action Services

We help clients to get started on their low-carbon transition journeys by defining boundaries and estimating carbon footprint across different scopes and activities. Our deep understanding of GHG protocol, emission factors, sector and geographic differences, and in house accounting tools help us in comprehensive and auditable assessment of carbon footprint.

  • Assessment of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 GHG emissions footprint in accordance with international standards including GHG Protocol and ISO 14064
  • Assessment of financed emissions for banks, financial institutions and insurance companies to understand portfolio level climate risks
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to comprehensively assess environmental footprint of products and services
  • Support towards publication and listing of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)
  • Development of climate scenarios including modelling of sectors-specific physical and transition risks 
  • Development of climate risk framework to include likelihood of occurrence and severity of financial impacts

We support clients in taking forward the results of assessment with target setting and implementation of decarbonization solutions. We work closely with client leadership and functional teams to define appropriate targets in the client’s sector and market context.

  • Setting Net Zero and low-carbon transition targets in accordance  with Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) including method selection, model preparation and target validation 
  • Benchmarking of energy management best practices in peer organizations  
  • Developing operational plans and initiatives to support low carbon transition including fuel substitution, renewable procurement, supply chain initiatives, etc.  
  • Implementation and monitoring of decarbonization programs through inhouse initiatives and offset programs with carbon management tools and practices  
  • Disclosures on specialized climate frameworks such as CDP, TCFD and TNFD

Decarbonization strategies often require tapping external sources of carbon reduction methods including carbon offsets. We assist in monitoring of clients’ carbon footprint and trading of carbon credits to meet compliance or voluntary carbon obligations.

  • Understanding evolving carbon market regulations in India and other international markets to prepare for cap and trade obligations 
  • Developing carbon reduction projects and registering on VCM platforms
  • Validation of and verification VCM projects for marketability of credits 
  • Undertaking carbon offsets buy / sell transactions with qualified parties

Biodiversity and conservation of natural resources play a key role in climate change mitigation as well as adaptation. We help organizations in biodiversity assessments, responsible sourcing and implementation of nature based solutions and to reduce their climate impact and move towards a more sustainable future.

  • Biodiversity mapping and assessment including critical habitat assessments and bird-bat assessments 
  • Sustainable sourcing strategies aligning to EUDR and similar requirements
    • Due diligence & risk mitigation in the country of origin / production 
    • Identification of deforestation risks in supply chain
  • Understanding development models for nature-based solutions and impact assessments for options such as wetland restoration, climate resilient agriculture and reforestation. 
  • Evaluation of nature-based solutions projects for participation and preparation of partnership and implementation plans 

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