Let the birds keep singing

There are numerous newspapers reports nowadays on how the Ganga is cleaner, on how air pollution is at two-decade lows and how many of us are waking up to hear…

Policy actions for clean water post COVID

An unexpected COVID storm in the midst of the redrafting of the National Water Policy is an opportunity to recognize clean water as being integral to public health A welcome…

Sewage and its hidden value

Pre-monsoon showers have just started in Mumbai bringing cheer and the kind of freshness that can be experienced only once a year. Naturally, it is also a time of the…

NITI Aayog CWRM and the missing Industrial link

The recently published NITI Aayog Composite Water Resource Management (CWRM) index is a comprehensive overview of States on practices of water resources management. The index is aimed as a useful…

The water case for renewable energy

The renewable energy mission of India is amongst the most ambitious in the world. Most discussions on the shift from thermal generation to renewable energy, focus on the benefits of…

Planning to reuse the last drop

The end of Nov 2018 saw the National Green Tribunal (NGT) impose fines on the Chief Secretary of Delhi and Delhi Jal Board for not implementing a plan for the…

The future is in plastics, again

A day ahead of the expected nationwide singe-use plastic ban, I might sound silly saying this. In the 1967 movie, The Graduate, the career advice to the young man was clear, “One word. Plastics.”

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