Desk-based Due Diligence | ‘Rare Metals’ supply chain

A due dilligence for 1000 entities in the rate metal supply chain


UK-based firm consulting global companies on sustainable supply chains


  • Enhanced desk-based due diligence on ~1,000 entities in the rare metals supply chain of a global electronic devices & tech co.
  • Focus on extraction & processing of materials


  • Identified the KYC, key raw materials extracted, disclosures in the public domain, and critical ESG issues in the supply chain for ~1000 entities across the globe
  • Analyzed & populated on Airtable (database platform) across all the above parameters.
  • Methodology: Detailed SoPs, guidance documents, trainings, quality reviews, trackers


  • Enhancement of Scope due to quality & timely delivery of outputs (database)
  • Enhanced supply chain transparency & ethical sourcing practices of our Client’s customer
  • Rapid scale-up & training of a ~40 member team