GRESB Assessment | Multiple RE Developers

GRESB assessments for leading Indian Real Estate Developers and Investors


Leading Indian Real Estate Developers / Investors


  • ESG data & evidence collation for GRESB, gap assessments, GRESB response & submission, analysis of results, improvement of future scores
  • Aligning GRESB to other ESG reporting frameworks


  • Evaluate data/evidence availability with Client for gap analysis wrt GRESB requirements
  • Suggest low-hanging fruits to improve scores (policies, evidences, assessments, etc.)
  • Coordination with internal stakeholders for data
  • Tentative scores & feedback to improve responses
  • Understand the results & plan next steps


  • High scores in maiden GRESB submissions, and improvement in scores from previous years
  • Hand-hold the entire process from ESG data >
  • GRESB submission > Result Analysis > Roadmap Foundation of ESG journey for Clients, aligned to peer benchmarking & ESG disclosure frameworks