Livelihood Enhancement Program | National Highway

Entry strategy for electric mobility charging in India


India’s largest highways operator


  • Quarterly monitoring of the Livelihood Enhancement Program (LEP) in a 200 km four-lane highway
  • Beneficiaries: Project Affected Persons and Families (PAPs/PAFs) impacted by the compulsory land acquisition for the highway project


  • Verify the master database on (PAPs/PAFs)
  • Confirm the active and appropriate functioning of the grievance redressal system
  • Oversee distribution of LEP benefits and assistance to PAPs/PAFs
  • Prepare Gap Assessment Report with Action Plan


  • Enhanced income of PAPs/PAFs through long-term livelihood options
  • Improved quality of life owing to higher income
  • Social license to operate the highway project
  • Overall long-term boost in the regional economy