Pranav Vyas

Involvement with multiple volunteering initiatives around behavior change and environmental sustainability over the years, has led Pranav to resonate deeply with nature and pursue a career in sustainability. He is proud of the active role in promoting sustainability in Simhastha 2016 at Ujjain, which was…

Aarushi Rai

Aarushi holds a Masters degree in Ecology and Environment Studies, and a Bachelors degree in Psychology. She inclines towards using rigorous interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary methods of research and analysis to holistically solve environmental problems. She loves educating herself and those around her about the diverse…

Sinjini De Sarkar

Sinjini has been enthusiastic about ethical consumerism from high school and is a big proponent of recycling and reusing what would otherwise end up in landfills. During her Bachelors in Finance degree, she realised that her passion for sustainability and her study domain could be…



Listen to clients. Get better everyday. We become better by listening to our clients.. We love feedback and will endeavour to act on it with sincerity.


We own the solution. Buck stops with us. Our responsibility goes beyond advice. We own what we say and say what we do.


Deep expertise is good. Problem solving is great. The issues we deal with are inter-disciplinary and there are no readymade solutions. We bring together sectoral and functional expertsto find pragmatic solutions


Nature knows best, Observe and learn. Nature has been teaching since the beginning of time. We believe in learning by keenly observing the world around us.

Vikram Raju

Vikram is passionate about issues concerning the natural environment and ecology and has a disposition for research & analysis. He wants to work towards becoming a professional who is aware of ground realities and implementable solutions, and a greater appreciation for the resource that sustains…

Kurian Varghese

Kurian has spent almost 15 years in consulting & sales, primarily in the BFSI and insurance domain. He now wants to play a critical role in protecting and maintaining environmental resources for future generations, which naturally aligns him to everything Envint stands for. He holds…

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