Footprinting & Decarbonisation | Indian Corporates

Long-term decarbonization roadmap for multiple Indian corporates across many sectors and geographies


Multiple Indian corporates across sectors & geographies


  • Decarbonization roadmap & strategy, aligned to targets
    Assessment of Scope 1, 2 & 3 GHG emissions
  • Evaluate initiatives for achieving the decarb goals


  • Carbon footprinting across sectors: chemicals, IT services, real estate, auto, consumer, wires & cables, etc
  • Computation of Scope 3 emissions across 10 categories
  • Avoided emissions (Scope 4) for climate-focused business
  • Decarbonization plan & actions covering initiatives, facility & equipment (with broad costing & solution providers)


  • Future readiness and resilience by businesses
  • Build confidence with investors and customers through transparent disclosure & preparedness
  • Aligning with own & national low emission targets