Responsible Investment | Healthcare focussed PE firm

An impact report for a $100 mn Healthcare focussed fund


Indian healthcare-focused PE firm and its portfolio companies (delivery and product platforms)


  • Prepare a maiden ESG Impact Report for a USD 100+ mn Healthcare focussed fund
  • Harmonize ESG metrics for multiple segments of the healthcare sector & align with LP expectations
  • Multiple ESG Due Diligences on Target companies
  • ESG monitoring & assessments of the portfolio


  • Content & narrative of the ESG & Impact report
  • Peer benchmarking & mapping of KPIs (ESG + Impact) for Client & its portfolio companies
  • Showcasing impact with metrics and case studies
  • ESG Due Diligences, coordination with LPs & cos


  • Annual ESG Impact Report published in the public domain for 2 consecutive years
  • Process for ESG data management established
  • Smooth coordination between LPs & Portfolio cos
  • Misc. issues like ESG incidence management, improvement of ESG performance, audits, etc.