Climate Risk Assessment (TCFD) | Real Estate Developers

A TCFD-aligned Climate Risk Assessment with physical risks, transitional risks, and a scenario analysis


Leading Indian real estate developers (multiple)


  • Climate risk assessment reports aligned to TCFD disclosure
  • Included physical & transition risk assessment, scenario analysis, financial implications & opportunities assessment


  • Coverage: under-construction residential & commercial standing assets across multiple Indian metro & Tier 1 cities
  • Scenario analysis using SSP2-4.5 & SSP5-8.5 across three time periods near term (2010-39), mid-century (2040-69) and end-of-century (2070-99)
  • Assessment of mitigation & adaptation strategies, financial implications & future opportunities
  • TCFD report covering 11 recommendations


  • Build confidence with investors through transparent disclosure & preparedness of climate risks
  • Integration of adaptation and mitigation measures at the design stage, helping in business continuity planning
  • Better alignment with current market trends & safeguard customer interests